Use Case 2.0 Cards


Ready to use cards that capture the 'essence' of Use-Case 2.0

The cards are made freely available under copyright. The full deck includes cards that represent the key Use-Case 2.0 principles, roles, activities, work items, and work products.

Applying Use-Case 2.0 with the help of cards to build a reference guide to the essential elements of Use-Case 2.0

Teams can adapt techniques easily and take on new ways of working without the normal change pain.



Use-Case 2.0 cards are easy to understand and apply

The cards provide clear and concise concepts of the essentials of Use-Case 2.0 and how these concepts relate to each other. It encourages us at all times to keep it simple and light. It is lean - Because it focuses us on the outcomes that we are looking to achieve


Begin using them with your team to better understand & apply Use Case 2.0

Playing games with the Use-Case 2.0 cards demonstrates the value of the cards and helps users understand the concepts of Use-Case 2.0 in a clear and concise manner. Various games can be played with the cards from a Practice. See [here]( for some of these practice games that uses the Scrum Practice as an example, but can be equally played with the cards from the Use Case Practice.

Links to Use-Case 2.0 related card decks that you can print directly from your browser:

all_element_cards_use_case_20_essentials_ecards checklist_cards_use_case_20_essentials_ecards

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