Use Cases in Agile - Interview with Ivar Jacobson by Dave Saboe

Ivar Jacobson shows us how to apply Use Cases in an Agile context and helps us discover how a Use Case approach addresses some of the problems with User Stories. You may have used Use Cases in a waterfall environment, but can this technique work in Agile? The most common technique in Agile is User Stories. However, there are a few challenges associated with User Stories. The big picture is often missed with User Stories because they’re so small. In addition, we may need hundreds of stories for a large initiative. User Stories also cause us to lose customer focus at times. Even though User Stories are intended to focus on the customer, people often lose that focus given the small size of stories. Listen to the interview by Dave Saboe to understand how to use Use Cases in Agile and the advantages over User Stories. Use Cases in Agile – Fill in the gap left by User Stories MBA191: Use Cases in Agile.


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