• Abstract: Use Cases for Solution Intent

    Solution Intent is an incredibly useful but often impenetrable part of SAFe. It is presented as part of SAFe’s large solution layer and is absolutely essential if you are building large, complex, safety critical systems or are required to maintain any form traceability.

    It’s also the best way to maintain a holistic overview of what your system does, and how it does it, particularly if you need to maintain any kind of permanent record.

    In our many years of applying SAFe to some of the world’s biggest and most complex systems (such as the Square Kilometre Array – the world’s largest science facility) we found use-cases to be the best way to structure, bound, access, evolve and maintain your Solution Intent whilst maintaining your agility.

    Use Cases for Solution Intent
  • Abstract: Use Cases with SigSoft

    Use cases is a well-proven technique for doing requirements and it has been part of the inspiration for more recent techniques such as user stories and test-driven development. Now the inspiration has flown in the other direction. Use-Case 2.0 is the new generation of use-case driven development – light, agile, and lean – inspired by user stories, Scrum and Kanban.

    Use-Case 2.0 has all the popular values from the past, not just supporting requirements but also architecture, design, test, operations, user experience. In fact, the use case idea has become so widespread that the term "use case" has become a normal English word used to understand the usages of virtually anything.

    The latest ideas, particularly the concept of "slicing" use cases, allows it to be used for small agile development teams producing applications. Moreover, Use-Case 2.0 seamlessly scales up to large projects producing the most complex of systems, which is where many teams struggle to use other agile requirements techniques like user stories. Use-Case 2.0 provides all the benefits of user stories with the ability to scale when necessary and easily see how all the requirements relate to each other across all kinds of systems – businesses, systems, and software.

    Use Cases with SigSoft

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